Advance Grant Scheme


The Advance Grant Scheme is financed by the Viking Community Fund, will run during the construction of the wind farm and is open to a wide range of organisations in Shetland – whether a local group or Shetland-wide – and even businesses and individuals in some circumstances

The scheme is run by Shetland Community Benefit Fund and only projects supported by one of the islands’ 18 community councils can qualify for funding.  There are two tiers for applications – Tier One for small projects of £50 – £500 and Tier Two for projects over £500.

For the first year SCBF is allocating funding of £50,000 for each of the four community councils that have a Viking Energy turbine in its area – Delting, Nesting and Lunnasting, Sandsting and Aithsting, and Tingwall Whiteness and Weisdale – and £10,000 for each of the other 14 community councils.

Details of all the projects awarded a grant can be seen here

The Advance Grant Scheme has had a successful first year and the 2020/21 AGS Annual Report can be viewed here 

SCBF have recently undertaken a review of the scheme to see if or where any improvements could be made.  The report can be found here  

How to apply for a grant

All the documents are available below.  You are strongly advised to read the Guidelines for Applicants first.  These will have to be accepted for any application to be successful.  Please also read the SCBF policies.  Due to the current cost of living crisis, it has been agreed to allow a second application from applicants within 12 months from their last grant award where this would meet the criteria of improving poverty or welfare.  

There are separate application forms for Tier One and Tier Two applications.  If you are wanting to apply for funding over £5,000 you must first email a summary of the proposal with costs to SCBF before any application is submitted.  SCBF expects Tier Two applicants to seek other sources of funding to support your project.  If you would like more information please email or call 07538 417 175.

Advance Grant Scheme Documents

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